What is SaaS?

SaaS Refers to software as a service. SaaS is a software mode via the Internet, users no longer need to purchase software, Web-based software to managebusiness activities in favor of hire to the provider, without the need for software maintenance, service providers, theChamber of Commerce, discretionary management and maintenance softwarefor many small businesses, SaaS is the best way to adopt advanced technology, it eliminates thebusiness to buy, build and maintain infrastructure and applications need, in recent years, the rise of SaaS totraditional packaged software vendors to bring realpressure.

Advantages and disadvantages of SaaS services

For enterprise businesses, the advantages of SaaS:

  1. Technical point of view: no longer with the IT aspects of professional and technical personnel, while the latest technology to meet the needs of the enterprise information management.
  2. Investment point of view: only invest a relatively low monthly fee, without one-time investment in place, do not take up too much working capital, thus easing the pressure of the enterprise funds; do not consider the cost of depreciation,and the timely access to the latest hardware platforms and the best solution.
  3. Maintenance and management of view: Enterprises to adopt leased to logistics and business management, does not require special maintenance and management personnel do not need to pay additional costs for maintenance and management personnel. Largelyalleviate the pressure on the human, financial, to enable them to concentrate funds on its core business operating effectively.

The disadvantage of SaaS:

After all, only through SaaS solution is a software platform, and what i found need to pay attention to these questions.

  1. Need to pay attention to these questions.
  2. The internal processes of the enterprise.
  3. How to deal with the audit and compliance issues.
  4. In-house training in the effective use of tools to solve internal business problems.
  5. Paid to the provider.

For SaaS customers value

  • Small risk of service charges, and the flexibility to choose modules, backup, maintenance, security, upgrades
  • Allow customers to concentrate more on core business
  • Flexible to enable and suspend, anytime, anywhere access to
  • Demand order, choose the more liberal
  • The accelerated pace of product updates
  • Increased market space
  • Pa-style loop revenue model
  • Reduce marketing costs
  • Quasi-face-to-face using the guidance
  • Around the world, 7 * 24 all-weather network service
  • Does not require additional professional IT staff
  • Greatly reduce the total cost of ownership for customers


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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PZD0rOlWH8 , Professors Armando Fox and David Patterson