Business Process Lifecycle (BPM) is to create a process-centrism customer focused organization that integrates management, people, globe…etc.

Business Process Lifecycle

Process identification, modeling, analysis, improvement, implementation, execution, monitoring / controlling.
Social BPM has emerged due to the widespread uptake of enterprise level social technology application such as wiki’s, microblogs, instant messaging and other collaboration tools.
Typically, social BPM research has focused other use of Web 2.0 applications internally within an origination to enhance the analysis or modeling phases of the BPM lifecycle.
Now social BMP is maturing from an internally focused collaborative design approach to a fully integrated practice of embedding the wisdom of the crowd.
“Social BMP fuses VMP with social software, with the aim of enhancing performance by means of a controlled partition to external stakeholders to process design and enactment”

Emergence of Social Business

“Social businesses more fully integrate the collective knowledge of people=centric networks to accelerate decision making, strengthen business processes, and increase innovation in assembly.

Social Media Analysis
“Social media analytics is the practice of gathering data from blogs and social Media websites, such as Twitter, Facebook, Digg and Delicious, and analyzing that data to inform business decisions”

BPN system – plugin the social media.
KLM- Meet & Seat via LinkedIn
View other passengers’ Facebook or LinkedIn profile details and see where they’ll be sitting.
Malaysia Airlines: Using Facebook Friends
Sit with your friends.

Business Process within Facebook. Ex: DELTA online ticket counter.

Using the Facebook can book the fright seat.

Process enabled by mobile device. Ex: Woolworths using the public post and the mobile barcode to device the think u scan.

Using the Twitter community.

Some Research Questions

How can organizations use Titter as a customer engagement point for business?

Why Twitter?
Ease of use & low cost of adoption

Over 340 million twitter messages sent per day
Over 140 million people are active in Twitter.


Paul Mathiesen, Lecture
Information Systems School