Mr. Tim O’ Reilly defines the concept of Perpetual Beta by stating that “there is never a definitive version and software remains under development and improvement as long as it exists. Following this concept, the software is commercialised before it is ‘feature complete’ or free of programming bugs, ‘developed in the open, with new features slipstreamed in on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis’” (Efthymios C  and Stefan J, 2007 ). In other words, the Perpetual beta is the keeping of application/software at the beta development stage to improve software continuouly based on customer feedback. The term “Perpetual Beta” is often used by developers and co-developers when they continue to release new features/functions that might not be even fully tested.

The first Internet Web Browser was invented in 1990 by Tim Berners-Lee. Nowday, with the technology development, we have many more different Web Browsers in the market. IE, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are the most popular ones. Today, I am going to use Google Chrome as an example for Perpetual Beta.

Google Chrome Beta

Google Chrome is let user as the tester as can see Google company are released Beta version download in  2008 Sep 3th. After comes stable version call “Google Chorme 1.0” in 2008 Dec 12th.  


  • Themes – User can customize their themes from artists world wide.
  • New Tab pages -Easily use tags to visit favorite websites.
  • Omnibox – Type both web address using the Omnibox.
  • Incognito mode -Recorded in your browser history
  • Tabs and Stability – If an individual tab crashes other tabs are unaffected.


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