Are you taking Social media marketing seriously? If your answer is yes, then you need to make some moves to make your social media blog more limelight. Social media has large numbers of people traffic potential for your blog every day. There are many kind of social media depends on quality of traffic.

Blog Strategy Audit  is more important for business.

BSA includes analysis of the blogging efforts of some direct competitors and analysis of your company’s existing blogging efforts including the following, visual elements, content, sharing and distribution options.

How well your blog is optimized for Search Engines, and a plan for what type of keywords and phrases your blog content should include in order to do well in search engine results and also analysis of your blog’s existing content strategy and recommendations for this strategy moving forward.

Recommendations on how to build engagement and interaction on your blog then recommendations on your overall blogging strategy moving forward. Detailed analysis of “how to measure your results”, including which metrics you should be tracking.

There are some important events for successful blog in to business in my Blog strategies:
1.Start Blog
Find an free blog let everyone can see.
2.Niche market
Network is a mass market. To concentrate write one or two themes article using the network, selling out your ideas and cuts then everyone would look to you.
3.Updated daily
How to increase blog traffic.
Using Google groups online forum, the legal issue of thousands of letters and join the Google Connect to track your blog. Or join Facebook to build fan group, using twitter、plurk、funP、Facebook、Myspace、Wordpress、Delicious、、Digg、Posterous…ect. Those example are internationally renwened website, not necessarily have to management, but let Google find your content.

5.Keep track your blog
There are many ways to tracking the blogs: like Sitemeter、Google Analytics、Sitebro、Goingup as well as the blog observed. To understand their own blogs behind the data with keyword.  There is a “Search Engine Optimization, SEO”, its the PageRank usually reach 4 or above, it means that your blogs much attention of search engines.

6.Listen to your audience
7.Create multiple blogs
8.Content to be simple and neat
9. Digital Art
10. Maintain a personal style
11. Interact with your visitors

After those event your are the expert have their own domain, you can start making money.


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