What is 2.0? Is the organizational use of to spontaneous social software platform to achieve business objectives.

Since web 2.0 theories has been introduced for 7 years which includes many digital service on the internet. Therefore, enterprise 2.0 has extended the mode integrated management, security and search with the majority web 2.0 tools. It is apparently has many advantages for enterprise system. But there are few risks of enterprise 2.0 should be concerned.

The risks of enterprise 2.0

Web Applications as a service for people, According to O’Reilly and Battelle the two professors’ claim that web 2.0’s features can enhance the performance of tools especially for enterprises. However, Andrew McAfee admits that enterprise 2.0 has not gained in popularity for many enterprises. On the other hand, while social network is gaining more popular in business which could be a risk for enterprise. For example, employees may too much rely on use the social network tools then they gradually lose their competitive ability to deal with normal work.

Enterprise 2.0: the next generation – Risk

Social networks in organizations which is to enhance the enterprise 2.0 performance but a risk would be gradually appear is the social networking privacy security issue. Therefore, psychological impacts upon individuals – increased laziness, and even depression from potentially being alienated within such a large social environment.

The well-known research firm Forrester Research, a research report disclosed, although a lot of public enterprise 2.0, but only less than 15% of white-collar employees in the use of internal blog, wikis and other online collaboration tools.

Seemingly, enterprise 2.0 has may benefits, but Andrew McAfee has admitted, after several years of development, Enterprise 2.0 still not popular in everywhere, not to mention over and over results.

Also find some people point out that  21 Risks in not adopting Enterprise 2.0, by the way there are advantages and risks that company in using web2.0 social tools.

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