Social media to combine web and mobile based technologies which are used to turn communication into interactive dialogue among organizations, communities and start integrated inbound marketing has become a new trend for enterprise use this way is called online in-bound marketing but the social media policies involve many User-generated content. Therefore, to establish serious policy to prevent security issue is important. Social Media governance helps companies better manage their investments in social media and social applications then achieve the goals.

Social media is a new way to make interaction with the consumers. All the huge companies are quite optimistic about the positive impact of Social media networking It may be for improving the products listening to the customers’ views with critical appreciations. It may also help improving the ways of dealing with customers using them as ears and the eye of the organizations. Take the example of activities the companies via social networks like Twitter and Facebook and IM.

Social networking has tremendous prospects in future and mobile devices are the bright future prospect of social networking is also proven with the fact that the technology is integrated in the mobile phones as well. Look at the devices designed with powers of interpersonal communication on a globalized outlook. These devices are now being created to with the perspective of global interaction and messaging across geographical boundaries. The concept is one, wherever on the earth; reach the common platform of the people for everybody’s benefit.

However, people in workplace abuse social networking is a controversial issues because some companies may be have some security issue or reputation issue.For example, computer hackers who specialize in writing and manipulating computer code to gain access or install unwanted software on enterprise computers or servers. In addition, some staff perhaps make negative comment on the public forums which is a way to damage that company’s reputation