Social Media – microblogging, Social Networking Still Growing and a microblog is a shorter version of an actual blog with each post containing just one or two sentences. Microblogging can be done in anywhere; through instant messaging, such as mobile devices. For example Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, Therefore, micro blogging is a form of blogging which allows users to make comments with a short Messaging. It can be done from anywhere; through instant messaging, cell phones or even through e-mail. Micro blogging services are offered by various sites for example Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, etc. Hence, many enterprises start using Micro blogging and Social Networking to explore business and enhancement. “According CNNIC said in its report that by the end of December, there were 513 million Internet users in China.” This means micro blogging has huge influences for individuals.

Micro blogging is a business strategy because that could be helped by contacting an entire group of people quickly with short messages to acquire benefit from micro-blogging. There are some principles of micro blogging. For instance, through exploring micro blogging sites to see how people use them. Choose a meaningful account name. Set up the account and check your user settings to be sure your posts are public or private as appropriate.

Our groups 5 Micro-blogging strategy:

#1 Cross promote to social media sites
#2 Internal & external communication with micro-blogging
#3  Micro-Blogging marketing with 5W 1H
#4 Utilizing micro-blogging to enhance business marketing for advertisement

My  section of our Micro-blogging Strategy:
                                Micro-Blogging marketing with 5W 1H

  • Why – Why should blog marketing?
    There are many marketing-oriented and pathways, enterprises can choose traditional marketing or internet marketing, internet marketing can be further sub-portal advertising and the Focus website advertising, keyword advertising, blog advertising, blog marketing is just one king of the Internet advertising.
  • Who – Who is writing and addressed to who to see? Who will cooperation?
    If enterprise decided to do blog marketing, the first option is to “write your own” or “let others peoplewrite” Individually, the purpose of the two ways, costs, influence are different. Of course you can also choose these two methods with in-depth applications blog marketing.
  • When – when the writing? When the co-operation?
    If decided to erect a blog to write their own, is a point that must have to keep going to written. Blogging from this belongs to a part of the company’s business, the quality of the article and the frequency of updates have to maintain stability, for the reply message speed and attitude is tantamount to “transparent customer service” can not be lazy, network activity can freely Posting in the grasp of timing, “write your own” absolute advantage.
  • Where -Where to exposure your blog?
    In addition not only to put own website, but also companies can take advantage of the bookmarking sites will exposure a good article, also other blog posts, and take advantage of the “reference” function to guide the reader back to their own website. Companies have chosen to do blog marketing activity, exposure where it will be different depending on the partner sites.
  • What – What to write, what not to write?
    If you just paste the PR  issued, It would lose the affinity of the enterprise, long-term or even hurt the corporate image, select “write your own” main purpose is to do public relations, to show what kind of content will be a plus in the minds of consumers, will win more readers resonance, and thus enhance brand beliefs and consumer loyalty, and occasionally write some innocuous negative news, or ask the opinions of the readers, the more there will be an unexpected bonus effect.
  • How – How to write? How to let people know the existence of this blog? How cross-industry cooperation?
    Blog itself also need marketing to allow more people to watch on a regular basis, and therefore need to make good use of such as RSS, Feedburner subscription tool, bookmarking sites, Setup SEO (search engine optimization), implants can interact with other bloggers blog widget gadget can gradually increase their blog’s exposure opportunity.

A successful micro blogging –Plurk

Plurk is a free social networking which integrated micro-blogging service function that allows users to send short messages or links, which can be up to 140 text characters in length.

It has a timeline page which shows users update are then shown on the user’s home page using a timeline which lists all the updates received in chronological order, and delivered to other users who have signed up to receive them. Users can respond to other users’ updates from their timeline through the website, by instant messaging, or by text messaging. In June 2008, Plurk received online attention when it was featured by Leo Laporte and Amber MacArthur on their net@night show in the podcast network.In addition, in micro blogging platform due to messages being sent between users in near-real-time, many users use Plurk as an alternative chatting. Briefly, micro blogging service has instant with quickly interfaces these benefits and anyone can easy to use including small originations.


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